“...people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou
senior from fhs blowing a kiss to the camera with roses behind her


I knew my kids were in good hands with Jen. She has an energy that makes them feel confident and beautiful. She was able to find so many great background options in one location. And then the results, WOW. I couldn't have been more pleased!

senior sitting in front of a red classic car


With Jen, I felt like she was taking photos I wanted and I would be happy with. It felt like the photos were for me, not just for my parents. I felt proud to post them and the quality was definitely a million times better than iPhone quality.

When parents take your photos it feels awkward and sometimes there is arguing and difference in opinions, it's stressful and it’s not enjoyable.

But with Jen she makes it an entertaining experience and it’s different than any other photo shoot you'll do.

man and his dog smiling looking to the left


When I post the pictures Jen took, tons of people ask me if all iPhone cameras are made the same or what settings I use because it seems almost impossible to get photos that look this good.

senior in red dress coming out of the reeds in elk grove, california


I can't believe how many great shots came out of an hour shoot! She made me feel comfortable and beautiful and when we were done, I was left still feeling so happy. I couldn't wait to see all the pictures! There were so many good ones to choose from, we had to do a tri-fold announcement...I just loved them all!

twin brother and sister back to back with arms intertwined looking somber


Jen was available last minute for us to get the twin's senior pictures done. There is so much going on Senior year, and by the time I realized we hadn't done them yet, I thought it was too late!

It was a life saver to be able to do a quick shoot and get the pictures back within days so I could order announcements.

looking up at a cowboy from the bottom of his boot with the sun creating a star at the edge of his boot


Jen is such a fantastic photographer, you won’t be disappointed! She has an unbelievable eye for capturing beautiful photographs. Jen has an undeniable love and passion for what she does. Her dedication to creating the most perfect shots from all angles and the right type of lighting is obvious. She has a great eye for details and is so energetic, positive, patient, and easy to work with. Jen is absolutely amazing! Thank you, Jen, for the outstanding Senior photos! We will cherish them always!!

man relaxing at the pool peeking over the top of his sunglasses


Really amazing photographer. Jen got all the best angles of me and got me to smile a bunch in the pictures, which I didn't think would happen (I’m not much of a smiler). I really enjoyed the photoshoot and the photos themselves were top tier.
***5 stars***


I am absolutely thrilled to give Jen Grace Photos a glowing 10-star testimonial!

Jen's attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every shot is captured with precision and artistry. Her dedication and meticulous planning were evident in the stunning and breathtaking pictures she delivered for my daughter's Quinceañera. From morning till night, Jennifer worked tirelessly, effortlessly managing herself without needing any direction.