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girl on a rock in the middle of a waterfall looking up wearing bright purple in Kauai Hawaii

This is my first photoshoot and I’m kind of nervous.

I get it. You want to look great, but not posed, you want to look like you and not fake, yet if you looked even better than you expected, that would be amazing! I know that the first few pictures I take of you will not be you, there is an armor up that only you can put down once you trust me. I will get to get to know you before our time is up, and if you give me a chance, I will capture the you that you see as your best side, as well as a beauty you may not have known, that a semi-stranger can see and capture.

What should I wear?

First, be comfortable. Second, let's think about what your style is, what will you use the pictures for, where will we be taking the pictures? The answer is simple, yet far reaching. Send me a message and I will forward you a styling guide.

How many pictures will I receive?

This depends on how much time we spend together. You can expect to receive about 50 quality, emotional images per hour we spend together.

Are you available outside of Sacramento?

Absolutely. I love exploring and finding the beauty in new places. Let's go to your favorite place. Let's go where you feel most like you, and where you feel at home.

Do you do couples photography?

Yes. For fun, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and for any other reason. Let's get the best of your relationship from behind your eyes and out of your heart, and into a book or on the wall. Our relationships change as we grow older, wiser, more or less patient, build our families and send our kids off into the world. It is never the same from one day to the next.

Can you recommend locations for photo shoots?

Yes, there are so many choices in our area, in every season, and as soon as we drive 30 minutes further, the choices become infinite. Let's discuss what your vision is and what fits you, your family, or your group.