I Believe...

who we are, is what we choose to be

I believe our differences not only make us unique, but they make us beautiful.

I believe striving to understand differences makes us brave and stronger.

I believe that effort isn't limited to the work we do, but encompasses the struggles of our mindset.

I believe the harder the journey we choose to take, the more we grow and deliver value to those around us.

I am amazed by people's resiliency and it's power within each of us.

Beauty and Photography

What is considered beautiful is relative to our culture, perspective, experiences and beliefs. And these all change over time.  

Your grandmother pulls out your picture to share with her friends, she misses you and is so proud of you. She doesn't care if you weigh 10 pounds more or less, or if your hair is grey or blond, or if your nail are done, or even if you have the perfect smile. She is just happy to see your face.

Your son pulls out a picture of you when you were a teenager to show his kid what grandpa looked like when he was in high school. He doesn't judge you, only treasures that moment in time that was captured that he never got to experience. The clothes, hair, cars, appliances, other people, they tell a story that let his imagination soar.

What we capture in photos is a treasure for future generations. It's a treasure for all of us today. I may not be able to help you create a legacy, but I can help you make an heirloom.

I love using my perspective to find the extra beauty in everyone I photograph. Let's capture some memories together!

A little bit more about me


I’m Jen

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California on an almond farm. I raised my family in California and Texas with my husband. We have opened our home to multiple exchange students who we now call our family.


My love of photography

From the moment I first held a camera, it was a rare sight to see me without one. My first job In high school was as a photographer's assistant and I shot my way through college.


Who I am

I am a compassionate, observant person. I like to look at things from opposite or different directions, not only in challenging situations, but in the most common of settings as well.


Did you know

By the time I was 20, I lived in Iceland and Mexico for a year each.

I am a volunteer for the American Field Service (AFS exchange student organization) and Hospice.

A few shots

I got up extra early for or stayed up extra late to capture
boston church at night and flowing traffic
close up of burney falls, california time exposure
kauai, hawaii beach and lava rock
kauai, hawaii cloud and sky reflection of the sky in smooth water pool in lava
mossbrae falls, california rock and stone clad river flowing under the waterfall
kauai, hawaii with sunset colored sky reflection in a pool in the lava
kaanapali coast, kauai, hawaii from a boat with bright blue and greens and red iron filled earth peeking through
lumahai, kauai, hawaii from a helicopter perspective you can see through the clear water the depth of the inlet

Life is like a Camera
Focus on what is important
Capture the good times
Develop from the negatives
Take another shot

— Unknown